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The AWG (2002 Austrian Waste Management Act, 2013 version) and the Packaging Ordinance 2014 stipulate an obligation to take back household and commercial packaging. Companies that introduce packaging to the market are considered the parties that bear the primary obligation for participation in a household packaging collection and recycling system in order to meet their obligations (they are also referred to as the "primary obligated parties"). In particular, this applies to the following economic groups:

  1. Packaged goods packers and fillers
  2. Producers and importers of service packaging
  3. Importers of packaged goods
  4. Importers for own goods
  5. International mail order companies that deliver to end consumers

good waste austria releases its customers reliably from their obligations regarding the collection and recycling of household and commercial packaging and offers them ordinance conformant services of the highest quality at fair prices.

We not only license but also analyse and optimise your packaging for you, advise you along the entire value creation chain and deal with your packaging waste through take-back and recycling systems. Alternatively, we also offer you sustainable, ecological and also financially advantageous commercial packaging take-back solutions. The ultimate goals are the conservation of natural resources and dealing with our environment in a way that is sustainable – let us close loops together.

Our batch pooling system good waste austria webshop is designed particularly for companies that only have small volumes to license and want to benefit from our affordable all-inclusive offers and individual services. All you have to do to fulfil your obligations as a "primary obligated party" is to visit our website and get clicking.

We also advise exporting Austrian licensing customers. Each EU member state implements the EU Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive with very different systems which results in numerous questions and issues that need to be resolved. We are happy to assist our customers in this respect. We also help international distributors that deliver to the Austrian market.

According to the one stop shop principle, good waste austria is your full-service provider of all services related to your extended producer responsibility in the packaging area.

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