good waste austria packaging analysis

The first step in the licensing process is the analysis of your packaging portfolio carried out by one of our experienced advisors. We carefully review your existing packaging with regard to the classification of your packaging materials and the material fractions, and advise you on the classification of packaging into household or commercial packaging on the basis of the packaging waste classification regulations and also our expertise. It may be possible to optimise your portfolio under consideration of ecological and financial aspects. good waste austria is also driven by the aspect of sustainability and offers its customers so-called "Close the Cycle" solutions. We think in closed loops, and want to deal with your packaging waste for you in a way that is sustainable and takes ecological aspects into account with the aid of detailed release from obligation and material flow management.


good waste austria licensing service

We license your packaging for you regardless of the volume, and take care of all of your mandatory registration and documentation requirements. We want to reduce your workload, rather than add to it: We take over your existing structures, use them as a basis and make optimisation recommendations, if necessary. As we carefully monitor the developments with regard to any regulation amendments, we can always keep you informed of the most important changes as soon as they happen. You only have one dedicated contact at good waste austria, which saves you time and allows you to focus on your core business.

Our good waste austria webshop is designed for companies with small packaging volumes. This makes it possible for you to fulfil the Packaging Ordinance requirements with regard to the licensing and recycling of packaging in an uncomplicated way. Respective household and commercial packaging volumes up to an upper limit of 1,500 kg can be registered with good waste austria, which will then take over the fulfilment of the obligations of the individual producers.

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